The Heather Community was started around 1981 when a developer by the name of Royal Highlands West came here out of Miami.  Royal Highlands then went to Europe and sold land to many British and built homes for them.  Several of those residents and  descendants still live in the Heather.

As the years went on, committees and clubs were formed and it all came together as a well known and respected community.  Committees held fundraisers to purchase tables, chairs, build a new building and equip the new kitchen.  The new building (now known at the HPOA Community Center) is still used for clubs, meetings, committees, and it also houses the Administration Office.

Within the Heather Community there are five additional homeowners associations for the five different communities.  They consist of Heather Walk, Heather Sound, The Bluffs, The Greens, and The Fairways. 

The Heather is still regarded as one of the safest communities in Hernando County.  Every night, there are staff members who man the gatehouse at the front entrance and a Deputy from the Hernando County Sheriffs office (hired by HPOA) patrols the community for three to four hours every day of the week year round.  In addition, a volunteer Crime Watch member patrols the neighborhoods helping to keep it safe.

The Heather is a Deed Restricted Community.  There is an A & D Committee (Architectural & Design) of volunteers who investigate complaints on properties that are not in compliance with the Deed Restrictions set forth. Click here for a copy of the Deed Restrictions

If you would like more information about The Heather, please call our office at 352.596.5028. 

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Did You Know...

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  • Heather Property Owners Association (aka HPOA) has five members of their Board of Directors
  • The Board members are: ​Joe Cuccio, President;
  • Tom Taylor, 1st Vice President/Treasurer; James Perretto, 2nd Vice President; Richard Rivers, 3rd Vice President, and Barbara Dohm, Corporate Secretary.​​
  • HPOA Board Meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the HPOA Community Center.  All HPOA property owners are welcome to attend.